These days, having heart failure doesn't stop me from living...

My wife and family are far too valuable

By using my resources and being guided by my Registered Nurse, getting better is easier and more fulfilling than I ever thought possible

And my nurse coaching team has been essential to helping me get here

Let our nurse coaches help you achieve optimal health

Heart Failure

Better activity tolerance? We can help. Readmissions and hospitalizations? We aim to keep you home with family. Our highly trained nurses help you succeed.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension has a major impact on quality of life. With such an impact on overall health status and life expectancy, managing high blood pressure is a gateway to living a healthy life. Our nurse coaches are here to help.

Overweight and Obesity

If you feel the need to slim down, we can help get you there. We can motivate you to help achieve less weight on the scale and more years in your lifetime.

How does nurse coaching work?

As your advocate - we're here for you!

As your nurse coach, we’ll help in a number of ways: we’ll educate you on the conditions, engage you in the process and in making a plan, and provide support and encouragement along the way

We’ll start with providing you with education on a one-on-one basis. You’ll have personalized time with our nurse coaches to understand these conditions and be educated on how they affect your life. Then you’ll be able to manage your condition through collaborating with your nurse coach. With the use of advanced mHealth apps, you’ll track symptoms and manage your condition to achieve optimal health outcomes that positively affect your life. 

Self-care and monitoring

Understand your treatment plan

Diet and healthy eating

Stress and coping mechanisms

Exercise and activity coaching

Health education and instruction

Million Americans living with obesity
of Americans have high blood pressure
of U.S. deaths are attributed to chronic diseases
Free nurse coaching session can lead to better health

Why is health coaching important?

Hear it from the experts
  • It is imperative to develop better and innovative strategies to prevent and manage chronic conditions… health coaching has been increasingly recognized as an indispensable complement to education-based initiatives for chronic condition patients’ health improvement…

    Current trends in health coaching for chronic conditions
    Yang, Bauer, Lindeen, Perlman, et al.
  • Chronic conditions are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the USA… health coaching has emerged as a widely adopted intervention to help individuals with chronic conditions adopt health supportive behaviors that improve both quality of life and health outcomes

    Health coaching interventions for persons with chronic conditions
    Boehmer, Barakat, Ahn, Prokop, et al.
  • A culturally tailored, community-based healthy lifestyle intervention… can significantly improve glycemic control and reduce risk factors associated with diabetes complications; there were significant improvements in some areas of diabetes self-care knowledge and dietary behaviors, and participants had a statistically significant improvement in A1C…

    Improving diabetes-related outcomes among African American and Latino adults
    Feathers, Kieffer, Palmisano, Anderson, et al.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with a nurse coach?

Not just personalized attention, but personalized help in every way that matters. We care about your entire health status, not just a certain condition. By working with a nurse coach, you have a level of personalization not found anywhere else in the health professions.

What can I expect with nurse coaching?

Our clients can expect to be educated on their condition(s), engaged and guided in the health process, and encouraged along the way. Our nurse coaching will simplify what you need to get better into a basic, easy to follow and understand plan and then help you accomplish it!

What's expected of me, the client?

As your nurse coach, we do not have any expectations that we wouldn’t abide by ourselves. All we ask and encourage is that you be an active participant in the process; we want you to take ownership. Through nurse coaching, little changes can collectively have a huge impact on how you feel and your ability to live life. 

Do I have to sign a contract to work with a nurse coach?

Not at all! You should have support when you want and need it and not be obligated to contracts. Our nurse coaching plans are recurring, but you are free to cancel at any time.

Do you protect my medical information or do you share it?

We believe in privacy and our clients are more important than anything… we will never share your information under any circumstances unless required by state or federal law. That’s an ethical and professional obligation we abide by.

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